Friday, January 13, 2012

My wood carving technology

I want to answer some questions I am often asked.

My name is Mariya.
I am from Bulgaria.
I am self-educated woodcarver. I did not study wood carving anywhere.

I usually work in common walnut (Juglans Regia - sometimes called European walnut even though it covers a much wider region)
and boxwood (Buxus Sempervirens),and black walnut (Juglans Nigra).
And I use different kinds of wood: maple,  pear wood, cherry wood, mahogany, teak wood, but my favorite is boxwood.

I cannot tell you the brand of the tools that I use.
They are custom made for me personally.
I started with 2 chisels and 1 knife and gradually appointed myself what I need.
The blade is hand forged of shear cushion steel.
 I mostly use knives, home made carving knives, chisels for carving miniatures and regular carving tools for normal sized carving.

On the technology of my work:

First, I never use wood, which hasn’t dried at least 5 years, to avoid deformation at a later stage.
The finish is my little secret. :)
After the work is finished I impregnate wood with warm natural mineral oil, which seals the pores of the wood.
Once dry well, I impregnate wood with a special mixture, which I make myself by pure beeswax and other two ingredients without the use of chemicals.
This is a very old recipe with excellent results.
Over the years, the wood becomes more beautiful.

The carvings you see here are not a line of products, they are examples of my work.
Every item is unique.
There's no such thing as a standard size or shape. I do not make copies.

All is completely original work from creating the project to its full completion,
costing months of hard creative work. But the pleasure of good results is worth it!

If you try, You'll see that it's literally impossible to work on a miniature longer then five - five and a half hours at once (even if you take breaks).
 After that time your sight becomes blurred.

At back side of the work, there is original stamp, made by me, which is my signature!

I create because this is my destiny!
I want to make the world more beautiful, and people more happy !
When I succeed to do this I am happy.

Thank you,