Saturday, February 11, 2012

My carving tools

I hope this will be interesting.
This is just one part of the my tools.
They are custom made for me personally.
These knives are very sharp.

My techniques on sharpening a carving gouges is traditional.
I use stone - "белгия" in Bulgarian.
I have a few rocks with different grain size.
I use Arkansas stone and Cretan stone.
Before I use them , I always dunk them in water.
Never sharpening my tools on  machine (as I said before , I am afraid of them :) ,
this overheated the blade and makes it soft.


  1. Good job with your Carvings.
    Maria ,you ever try to sharpen you tools with good Diamond stones. This is what I do. It quick and results is great and then you polish tool in honing strop.
    I do not like to sharpen tool to long -no time
    Check my website -you will like it